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Seeking an Alternative


A friend of mine is definitely NOT into the iPad he has been given to use.

He grumbles that “No matter what those blinkered Apple gadgets lover say, it simply do not cut it.”

He says that the most serious fault is the lack of multi tasking. “Seriously,” he adds sarcastically, “What can one do while waiting for an attachment or a youtube to be loaded? Brush your teeth?”

Furthermore it does not support flash. This means that if you want to view a video on the internet, you would have to hope that it is not created in flash!

Apparently however, the blackberry playbook has true multi tasking abilities and supports flash. Perhaps here therein likes the serious alternative that he can be happy with!

The Differences Between Men & Women


This is the conversation between Hubby and I which took place just now.

We were about to pop our daily vitamins when he suddenly remarked that someone told him that men and women should have different types of vitamins. He said that there was such a thing as mens vitamins!

I nearly choked on my juice. Why is there a need for vitamins just for men? Supplements are supplements right?

BUT, apparently not so – men have different needs and hormonal balance from women.That makes sense. Men ARE different from women in oh so many ways….

Which now leaves us wondering what to do with our present vitamins and supplements…..!



All of a sudden, there is a howling wind and the rain lashes at our windows!

The curtains are pulled here and there like they are waving vigorously “Stop! Stop!”

Quickly my Hubby, Arrow #3 and I dash to see if there are any open windows.

We then settle back in the Family Area and remark how glad we are that we do not need to go out tonight! We would need an All Terrain Vehicle if we did! And with that we would need to know where to get ATV Parts because for certain, the roads would be bad and something might happen!

Meantime, we are going to tuck ourselves in bed and stay snug for a good night’s sleep!

Fancy Speaking French


Hubby has a friend who is from France. Genuinely so. It is fun to hear him talking English. It’s really sweet but also makes me want to break out in giggles. Not very polite, I know, but hey, I am being honest!

Conversely, this is all the French I know: Jetaime, Oui, Merci… Haha!

Frenchman Jean’s name isn’t said as the English equivalent lady’s name. Rather, it is spoken as the English John! Confusing! Hubby often wonders what Frenchman Jean thinks about his Chinese accented English.

The best though, is listening to Jean speak French. It sounds so dignified when he says Caméscopes numériques. It rolls off his tongue so silkily. By the way, that phrase means digital camcorders. Hubby and he were discussing my sad state of a spoiled digital point-and-shoot camera (see earlier post a week ago) One day, perhaps, this Chinese tongue will be able to wax lyrical in this foreign tongue. Meanwhile I must try to convince these two men that a replacement gadget would be in order for my Christmas present!

The End is but the Beginning


Twelve practices over three months by the cast.

Five practices over a month by the children’s choir.


Five performances over four days.

An amazing time. Sold out performances.

It has all finally come to an end.

Some don’t know what to do with themselves at the moment! They post on Facebook about their post production syndrome. They sing lines from the songs still. Waking hours still hold echoes of the catchy tunes and lyrics. Mentally, replays of the events creep in unbidden.

But even though the production is over, something else has begun.

Many new and strong friendships, forged through sweat, and yes, even tears. Many lasting bonds and heightened respect for one another.

Most of all, a deep appreciation of the One Who brought it all about.

And that is what this Christmas will be all about. Even as they continue their journeys together and apart, this Christmas will be special because it was the one where a significant milestone in their individual and corporate lives was established.



Is it December already?

Where did the year go?

What have I done with my time?

Have I achieved anything worthwhile?

Am I still on track?

Is my focus still right?

I can scarcely believe it’s less than a month to the year’s end…. scary.

It would be good to take stock. Take some time out and take stock of 2010.