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Having a Go with Special Kits


So I’m taking part in One World One Heart again this year.

It’s amazing how creative some of the other people taking part are. The things they come up with! The materials they use! The colours they put together! The concepts they dream up! It’s can be rather mind-boggling!

When I aspire to be like them, I realise that I need to start somewhere. Maybe I ought to make orders for some jewelry making kits first. You know, try my hand at it first.

Or better still, enlist my third Arrow to do some too! Now THAT would be fun!

One World One Heart 2011


It’s that time of the year again. I just love it when Lisa gets us going again. So to start off with, THANKS LISA!

To those of you who are new to Metamor4sis, WELCOME! I’m Elizabeth, residing in in the lovely land of Sabah, East Malaysia. Mount Kinabalu the most visible and awesome landmark of the land, alongside her lovely, friendly folk. I have a wide range of interests, which means I keep busy! I dabble with photography (point and shoot stuff), am inspired by music (or made melancholi), and appreciate diverse kinds of craft.

Which leads me to my OWOH 2011 giveaway.

Do you like it?

This, folks, is handcrafted by my septuagenarian mother. She is an amazing lady who enjoys tatting (which is what this is). She also knits and does patchwork. Don’t ask me how she does it. I adore her for doing it, but it’s just not my cup of tea! I mean just LOOK at the detail!

But I digress. Let me tell you more about how to win my giveaway then.

It’s open to all active bloggers worldwide. All you have to do is to make a comment on this post and make sure there is an email address I can contact you with if you win my giveaway. If you leave me your site address too, I can pay you a visit too. Who knows where this will lead to! Haha!

I will announce the Winner on Feb. 17th and on that day, I will both email the winner as well as post about it. Then I will put this gem (about 6cm long without the tassel) into a little pouch and mail it to the Winner….

O wait, do you want to know how to take part? Click on the picture below. Lisa has it all worked out and you just need to follow instructions there. It’s really simple.

PhotobucketOh, and while you are here, take a little tour of some of my other posts and my other giveaway site. It’s a similar item, but in a different colour. Who knows, it might be the beginning of a new and good friendship! Oh, and another thing, feel free to go visit some of the other participants of One World One Heart. Who knows, you might pick up a giveaway there!

An Unexpected Gift


It started off with just a simple occasion. Someone had a function nearby. They wanted to leave the flowers for the florist to collect.

The florist was going to take them and discard them!

They were left in the corridor to be tossed away.

Hence the opportunity presented itself.

And this photo was taken.

Such a beauty. One of many.

Big Brother Business?


Folks, I just saw this video and I think EVERYONE should see this. You know Adam Sandler who does the Mythbusters show? He has shocking news…. go over to this report and find out more!

Celebration Time!


It’s public!

It’s official!

It’s true!

The baby is out!

A lovely healthy baby girl, born to a lovely young couple we know. We are overjoyed because they are special to us, making the little darling doubly special! In fact, Hubby thinks we ought to pull out all the stops to celebrate for them. He wants us to throw a party. But first, he feels so overjoyed that he is even contemplating passing out some Montecristo cigars, which goes to show how over the moon he is. He has only ever mentioned doing that for our own children! Not that he did of course. He can’t stand the smell of smoke. Still, it’s the thought that counts, and yes, it’s CELEBRATION TIME!

Making Space for More


I kid you not. This was my living room over Christmas.

As you can see, the Christmas tree is in the corner. There are two sofa beds in the living room and they were well utilised. Even the other normal settees were not left unused. One person even slept on a mattress on the floor!

It made us seriously consider if we should get more beds! If we did, then we would probably try to go for something more in keeping with the earthy woody effect we have in the interior of our house. Something like the wooden cabin beds would be nice. They would definitely enhance the warmth ambiance!

Now my only problem would be where to put them!

Room for One More


Our back garden is like a jungle. Unlike the house opposite us, we don’t cut down our trees. We might add some plants, but no, we don’t believe in cutting any down.

All said and done, I do long for one more – I would love to have a walnut tree growing in our backyard jungle. It is beautiful hardwood tree.

See how beautiful the wood is!

But alas we live in the tropics and it doesn’t grow here….

I can live in hope though…..!

Oldies but Goodies


It took me a while to find them.

Dating from my teenage years to my mid twenties, during the pre-easy-access-to-computers era, I would copy down songs and chords of songs. Then I could find a little space in a nook to play and sing. (Did anyone else do this sort of thing?!)

I found them and threw them open one by one.

I KNEW that somewhere hidden amongst them was our wedding song – Blessed Triangle. We had written it ourselves for our wedding and yes, we sung it!

Imagine my thrill when I not only found the lyrics and chords to the song, but also the handwritten music score!

My brother played the guitar and our Japanese American friend played the piano. She then very thoughtfully and kindly wrote out the music score for us.

That was over 28 years ago!

So glad that I still have both the lyrics and score!

A Love Triangle


Did you manage to read about the love triangle that Hubby mentioned in his ode?

When he read up to that part, I could sense many in the room holding their breath. Why on earth would he talk about a love triangle, and about my not being his first love in an ode? What’s more, he was doing this is a Marriage Enrichment Course! The facilitators must have thought they made a ghastly mistake to let Hubby do this bit!

To add to it all, they could see me smiling and nodding away in agreement to this love triangle! Odder and odder!

Well, in his next sentence, Hubby explained. It was in reference to the song we wrote for our wedding called Blessed Triangle, where we promised each other that our love would be a triangular affair – God had to be at the apex, and the both of us at the base. As we drew near to God, we would naturally draw near to one another, as in any equilateral triangle.

Voila. Here are the lyrics to the song.



We were attending the first session of a marriage course. No, nothing wrong with our marriage. We do this every so often when the opportunity arises. It’s good. Keeps your marriage fresh!

Anyway, as we entered our first activity of working things out together, suddenly the facilitator stood up and said something about a surprise birthday for someone.

Next thing I knew, Hubby stood up and gestured me forward as the facilitator brought in a cake!

(This is what’s left of it – yummy blueberry cheesecake!)

After singing of the obligatory song, Hubby then proceeded to read out an ode to me! Gasp!

I felt shy but oh sooooo proud of my Hubby! And sooooo thrilled! Haha! Here I am giving him a hug whilst hiding my face! He looks happy doesn’t he!

Well, that was a wonderful way to celebrate my turning half a century years old! Someone came up to me later and asked why Hubby mentioned how old I was. I told him quite honestly that I felt a sense of achievement about reaching this age and was so happy that Hubby celebrated it like this.

By the way, it was a week later, but then on the day itself, he had already taken me out to dinner!