Hubby on His Hobby Horse

I have to do this post. Hubby can be so cute!

Everyone is abuzz with the Apple iPad but not my Hubby! He was grumbling from the first day he was issued one by his CEO (who, incidentally, does not himself know how to write and send emails!)

You see, Hubby and his CEO don’t see eye to eye on this. CEO thinks the iPad is the end all and be all for the latest technology even though he doesn’t use it. Hubby thinks it is only an expensive games console! CEO thinks the iPad has everything needed for a showy presentation. Hubby reckons it can’t even effectively do have half the things a basic notebook or even a net-book can.

In short, as I hear him mumbling to himself as he turns it on and walks off, Hubby has relegated the iPad to be a toilet net surfing device to read the news!

Oh wait! What’s that I just overheard – he wants the Android based Galaxy Tablet PC Hahaha!

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