Today I celebrate being on planet Earth for half a century! Wooohoo! What a ride it’s been!

After the celebrations, Hubby and I reminiscing especially our holidays. High on the good holiday list has been our trip to England, and more recently, to Korea.

In fact, ever since we went to Korea in January 2010 where we visited a snow-ladened ski resort, Hubby has wanted to go back! No, not for the skiing – he says he is too old to learn how to balance on skis without falling over every other metre! Far from that!

What he would like to do is snow trekking! In fact, he has been looking for proper gear like the Crescent Moon Gold 12 Snowshoes. He enjoys walking and trekking in the open, what more in the brisk snowy slopes.

Hmmmm that’s a thought for our next major celebration!

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