We were attending the first session of a marriage course. No, nothing wrong with our marriage. We do this every so often when the opportunity arises. It’s good. Keeps your marriage fresh!

Anyway, as we entered our first activity of working things out together, suddenly the facilitator stood up and said something about a surprise birthday for someone.

Next thing I knew, Hubby stood up and gestured me forward as the facilitator brought in a cake!

(This is what’s left of it – yummy blueberry cheesecake!)

After singing of the obligatory song, Hubby then proceeded to read out an ode to me! Gasp!

I felt shy but oh sooooo proud of my Hubby! And sooooo thrilled! Haha! Here I am giving him a hug whilst hiding my face! He looks happy doesn’t he!

Well, that was a wonderful way to celebrate my turning half a century years old! Someone came up to me later and asked why Hubby mentioned how old I was. I told him quite honestly that I felt a sense of achievement about reaching this age and was so happy that Hubby celebrated it like this.

By the way, it was a week later, but then on the day itself, he had already taken me out to dinner!

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