Oldies but Goodies

It took me a while to find them.

Dating from my teenage years to my mid twenties, during the pre-easy-access-to-computers era, I would copy down songs and chords of songs. Then I could find a little space in a nook to play and sing. (Did anyone else do this sort of thing?!)

I found them and threw them open one by one.

I KNEW that somewhere hidden amongst them was our wedding song – Blessed Triangle. We had written it ourselves for our wedding and yes, we sung it!

Imagine my thrill when I not only found the lyrics and chords to the song, but also the handwritten music score!

My brother played the guitar and our Japanese American friend played the piano. She then very thoughtfully and kindly wrote out the music score for us.

That was over 28 years ago!

So glad that I still have both the lyrics and score!

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2 Responses to “Oldies but Goodies”

  1. doriatai Says:

    Hi Elizabeth, any chance you sing this song and record it. Sounds very interesting. Since you have found after you thought you lost it, I think it is meant to be published! LOL!


    • Metamor4sis Says:

      We once had someone ask for the song so that they could sing at their wedding LOL! But we never found out if they did =D Now we look back it is quite amateurish. Perhaps under your hands it will blossom…!


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