One World One Heart 2011

It’s that time of the year again. I just love it when Lisa gets us going again. So to start off with, THANKS LISA!

To those of you who are new to Metamor4sis, WELCOME! I’m Elizabeth, residing in in the lovely land of Sabah, East Malaysia. Mount Kinabalu the most visible and awesome landmark of the land, alongside her lovely, friendly folk. I have a wide range of interests, which means I keep busy! I dabble with photography (point and shoot stuff), am inspired by music (or made melancholi), and appreciate diverse kinds of craft.

Which leads me to my OWOH 2011 giveaway.

Do you like it?

This, folks, is handcrafted by my septuagenarian mother. She is an amazing lady who enjoys tatting (which is what this is). She also knits and does patchwork. Don’t ask me how she does it. I adore her for doing it, but it’s just not my cup of tea! I mean just LOOK at the detail!

But I digress. Let me tell you more about how to win my giveaway then.

It’s open to all active bloggers worldwide. All you have to do is to make a comment on this post and make sure there is an email address I can contact you with if you win my giveaway. If you leave me your site address too, I can pay you a visit too. Who knows where this will lead to! Haha!

I will announce the Winner on Feb. 17th and on that day, I will both email the winner as well as post about it. Then I will put this gem (about 6cm long without the tassel) into a little pouch and mail it to the Winner….

O wait, do you want to know how to take part? Click on the picture below. Lisa has it all worked out and you just need to follow instructions there. It’s really simple.

PhotobucketOh, and while you are here, take a little tour of some of my other posts and my other giveaway site. It’s a similar item, but in a different colour. Who knows, it might be the beginning of a new and good friendship! Oh, and another thing, feel free to go visit some of the other participants of One World One Heart. Who knows, you might pick up a giveaway there!

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78 Responses to “One World One Heart 2011”

  1. Amy V Says:

    Beautiful work. Thanks for the giveaway and peek into your world. avennett AT verizon DOT net


  2. Kim Rae Nugent Says:

    I had a lovely time visiting your blog. Please add me to your prize drawing for the lovely tatting! I am from Wisconsin, USA. This is so amazing to me that in this day and age we are able to connect with people from so many other countries.


  3. Lorna Says:

    This is so beautiful …..Please enter me into the draw and come visit me
    Best wishes …….Lorna x


  4. RichWitch Says:

    How lovely! I would love to win it!
    Please come to my Blog to win a real crystal ball!
    Be well & wish well,


  5. Gale Says:

    Hello! Stopping by from Texas, USA. That cross looks just like one my mom always used to keep in her bible when I was little, only it was white and didn’t have beads.

    My OWOH posts are here if you would like to stop by:


  6. Gayle Page-Robak Says:

    Greetings!…So pleased to visit your lovely blog. I am a Canadian Mixed Media and Digital Artist and look forward to meeting a new friend. I hope you will visit my blog as well.

    Thank you for including me in your wonderful gift draw. Hugs, Gayle.


  7. Janine Says:

    Hallo, nice to meet you
    Thank you for giving us the chance to win your great doorprice.
    This is wonderful needlework.
    Please count me in.
    Come visit me on my blog,I join the OWOH- event too.
    Regards from Germany and happy OWOH


  8. Donna Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to offer this lovely gift and thank you for the opportunity to win!


  9. Deborah Says:

    Lovely! Beautiful handiwork.

    homemakerhoney@ gmail .com

    My OWOH giveaway:


  10. Jody Says:

    Hope you have oodles of fun during OWOH. I love tatted works of art so much. I have no idea how to tat myself. The cross is beautiful and something to treasure for sure. Oh how I would cherish one if I were to win. Thanks for your generosity and participation in the event. Count me in please.
    visionquest2020 AT msn DOT com


  11. Gina Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I agree, the cross is beautiful! I know of some tatters in Malaysia too and they do beautiful work! Hope you’re enjoying the tour.
    🙂 Gina


  12. Dawn in AZ Says:

    Oh I totally love this.
    I wish I knew how to do tatting.
    What a great giveaway!
    Please include me in the drawing.
    Thank you.


  13. Marie Says:

    Beautiful work ~ I wish I could do Tatting!
    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely piece!


  14. Micki Butler Says:

    What beautiful work.
    Thanks for counting me in!
    Please visit my Irish giveaway at


  15. Shirley Says:

    What a lovely piece of tatting!


  16. Mimi Says:

    Please enter me!

    Please stop by my blog and enter my OWOH giveaway also! I’m #590.

    hoerauf at comcast dot net



  17. Karla Rosendall Says:

    Beautiful work!


  18. PEA Says:

    Hi again Elizabeth! I was just at your other blog:-) Please add my name for this giveaway as well, the tatted cross is so gorgeous in pink!!

    Make sure you come by and enter my own giveaway if you haven’t done so already!!

    Hugs, PEA from Canada xox


  19. Christina Says:

    Do I like it???? I love it! Thank-you for the chance to win…
    I’m OWOH#502


  20. The Travel Diva Says:

    Lovely. pls count me in.



  21. Sandra Says:

    the work of your mother’s hands is lovely! please visit Thistle Cove Farm when you’ve time.


  22. bonnie Says:

    So very nice to meet you,
    Please enter my name in your lovely giveaway-
    Bonnie in Florida
    Blogs #566 and #567 USA


  23. Lucy Says:

    I love tatting.


  24. Heidi Says:

    Wow! Your mother’s tatting is so beautiful! I would love to gift this piece to my 72 year old mother.
    Thank you for participating in OWOH 2011.
    Pop by my blog, #51, if you get a chance.
    hugs from ON, Canada
    Heidi aka Digital Misfit


  25. Maggi Says:

    Flying in from One World One Heart! 🙂

    Hi again! 🙂 This is so beautiful!

    If you haven’t already, you’re welcome to visit my OWOH post anytime!

    Happy Blog Discovery!


  26. fairlygirly Says:

    This one is just as lovely, thanks for the chance to win. Please pop over to my blog and enter mine #636


  27. Lezlei Young Says:

    Oh please enter me in your OWOH Giveaway! If I am the winner, you can contact me at Take a moment to visit my blog and enter my OWOH Giveaway at



  28. abigail Says:

    these crosses make the most beautiful bookmarks!! i’d love to have them mark my Bible pages.
    please come visit my blog #30 on the list…
    blessings & warm hugs from Montana!!


  29. Jennifer Says:

    Wow, your mother’s work is very detailed. I would love to win it!


  30. jacque Says:

    Greetings from Louisville, KY – USA
    Nice to meet you and visit your blog.
    Winning your give away would be awesome!
    Thanks for including me in your drawing..Come visit me, I am playing too.


  31. Gracie Says:

    I will cross my fingers, I would love to win this special piece of art! *_* I have two opportunities now uh??



  32. Dianne Says:

    So lovely-your mom does wonderful work!
    Please enter me in your contest and come over to enter mine-#348.


  33. nfmgirl Says:

    Lovely! Please count me in. Thank you for joining in on the OWOH blog hop!
    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com


  34. Beckie Says:

    Isn’t this fun? I just love OWOH! Thank you for participating… please count me in for your terrific giveaway. If you get a chance, I hope you’ll visit me too (if you haven’t already).

    Beckie =)
    artbeckons at hotmail dot com
    San Diego, California, USA

    OWOH #119
    OWOH #132


  35. Jona Panesa Says:

    its a lovely tatting! happy owoh!


  36. Jane Poh Says:

    I love tatting altho’ i’m just a beginner. Hi from Singapore.


  37. fortuitous faery Says:

    what a delightful creation to be won! bless your mother for this wonderful work of art!

    greetings from frigid new jersey!

    OWOH #528


  38. Caryl Says:

    Gorgeous! The detail is amazing!
    Caryl OWOH #270


  39. Lubna Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Hello from India.
    I am a first time visitor here. This art work reminds me of my granny. Sadly I never learnt it from her and now it is too late.
    I just learnt of the wonderful initiative of OWOH, am too late to give a give away myself but you are welcome to visit my blog.
    My email: lukathewriter (at) gmail (dot) com


  40. hilda aka crafty creations Says:

    You are so talented !!! A beautiful blog and a stunning gifts
    Please add me to your draw

    Maybe you could come visit me at 177 and 727

    Enjoy OWOH


  41. Danielle Says:

    Absolutely amazing!
    binafan at hotmail dot com


  42. Emily R Says:

    Please add me into your lovely drawing.


  43. Gale Varland Says:

    Hello from Oregon! So much fun meeting all these new people. I have enjoyed peeking around your blog. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.
    I hope that you have time to come visit my blog (OWOH #473) and enter my give away (if you haven’t already).
    🙂 Gale


  44. Shelle Says:

    Beautiful work please let your mother know 🙂 & I learnt a new word for today “septuagenarian” Yey!! By the way I’m pleased to meet you (I’m Shelle from Sunshine Coast Australia) If you have time I’d love you to come on over check out my giveaways & comment at my OWOH post too 🙂 oh & please feel free to drop in now and then after OWOH if you’re in the bloggersphere 🙂


  45. needlewings Says:

    Oh you have such a wonderful blog and great give away! I shall have to keep my fingers crossed! Visit me too #220 needlewings at


  46. Stephanie Says:

    Woo Hoo…another chance to win this lovely prize!

    I would be honored to win.

    isastephanie at yahoo dot com

    I invite you to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway:



  47. Deedra Says:

    Lovely! Please count me in!


  48. Connie Holso Says:

    Greetings from Cody, Wyoming! Isn’t this event fun? What a nice blog you have! The tatting on this is stunning…what a talent your mother has! Please enter me.
    ( stampgram AT yahoo DOT com }
    If you have a moment stop by and enter my giveaways too.
    # 385
    # 132


  49. Carol Hansen Says:

    Gorgeous. Your mom is very talented.
    OWOH hugs.
    Carol H.


  50. connie williams Says:

    beautiful beautiful beautiful! i hope i win them from both blogs!


  51. martha brown Says:

    This is so pretty! Please enter my name into your draw — thanks so much!
    ~martha (#384)
    (from Toronto 🙂


  52. meldy Says:

    It’s so pretty in pink too! Thanks and count me in again!


  53. Brandy Says:

    The piece is beautiful. I’m always amazed when I look at tatting. I can’t imagine how much time it would take to make such detailed pieces. Thank you for a lovely visit and the chance at winning your giveaway.


  54. Debra Abel Says:

    Wow what a lovely giveaway! Please add me to the list !Thank you for the opportunity to win!


  55. Deborah Says:

    This is just as pretty as the other one and I would be happy to win either.
    Please add me to your giveaway and come over and visit me. I am No. 229 on the list.


  56. sandra Says:

    I would love to be entered in your wonderful drawing. Please stop by my blog #809 for a chance to win my door prize.


  57. peggy aplSEEDS Says:

    i would love to win this lovely cross! thanks for the chance! as i said in your other blog, i hope you visit me and see if you like my giveaway.


  58. Grace Says:

    Hello, I’m Grace, also from Malaysia and half of me also from Sabah ;-). Nice meeting you.
    Please join my OWOH too at:



  59. beenebag Says:

    i would love to win this. please enter me. I can be reached at beenebag(at)yahoo(dot)com

    take care


  60. Britt Fairchild Says:

    Fabulous Giveaway – I do some tatting too – please include me and do come and visit my blog and enter mine too –if you haven’t already – I am #139 – I will be back for a more leisurely look around your blog after the event 🙂 – Cheers Britt in Australia


  61. nancy j markosky Says:

    Wow- your mother is really talented- such small fine work. I think sometimes that type of work is becoming a lost art. Please add my name to you generous give away and come visit mine at lucky # 777 on the growing list.


  62. Jules@OneBookShy Says:

    Thank you for your generous giveaway. I would love to win this piece of art. Tatting is such an intricate craft, it’s gorgeous. Your mother is very talented.

    Thanks again,
    onebookshy at yahoo dot com


  63. Holly Days Says:

    I love tatting I so wish I could get the hang of it. Thanks for letting me drop by.


  64. JenniferB Says:

    I love your blog! Awesome giveaway- I am having so much fun checking out OWOH participant’s blogs. Thanks for the opportunity to win


  65. Michelle Says:

    Hey Elizabeth, I just popped over from your other blog. Lovely giveaway. Please count me in. ~Michelle, OWOH participant 598


  66. Sean Says:

    From the Florida Gulf Coast
    I am entering for my daughter Melanie, she had wanted to participate in this year’s event, but a fire changed her plans… I thought I would surprise her and do this for her..
    Visit the site I set up for her on my blog #579.. and enter her name in the contest, thank You



  67. fromasiaandbeyond Says:

    hello from Thailand! Wow! that’s an amazing piece.. I’m sure she must be an expert in tattling.

    Here’s my OWOH post..please click here.. 🙂

    laetriciajaniel (@) gmail (d0t) com


  68. Michelle Says:

    Hi, it’s wonderful to meet you through this lovely event. I’d love for my name to be entered into your giveaway. Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day. 🙂 I’m off now to look at more of your blog!



  69. lululiz Says:

    What a beautiful cross. I would be delighted to win it. Do tell your mother that I think she is amazing. I have never tatted, but I love the beautiful designs that can be achieved with tatting. Thanks for the chance to win this. Liz (831)


  70. mitz Says:

    I, too, tat and realize the time and effort that went into your lovely give-a-way.. amazing.. thanks for the opportunity


  71. Bleubeard and Elizabeth Says:

    You have a warm and charming blog. I really enjoyed my quick look around. Please enter me in your giveaway and visit me, if you haven’t already. I’m number 11 and my information is on my profile page.


  72. Dale Marie Says:

    I am a tatter too, and I appreciate just how much work your mother has put in to this beautiful piece! It is LOVELY:-)


  73. janil Says:

    Your mother has incredible hands!!!
    Greetings from Spain and thanks for the chance!!!
    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es


  74. Anna Circo Says:

    Greetings from southern California. Love your amazing giveaway. Please add me to your hat. I’m flying in during the final hours of OWOH. Thank you and cheers!


  75. Sarah Says:

    I would like to have my name submitted for a chance to win your drawing!

    I love to meet fellow crafters so if you have time stop by for a visit!

    Thanks so much!!


  76. june Says:

    well I started out on your other site and took the link to this site and looked around…by the way, scarry info regarding that news brief about locating a person through photos…yikes!! thx for the info and the fun…june # 75


  77. Jenn Says:

    Oh wow! The tatted cross is beautiful, and what intricate work! Please add my name into your drawing.

    I would love for you to hop on over to my blog for a visit. I am #78 on the OWOH participant list.


  78. Linda Lamore Says:

    Greetings from Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA
    I’m glad to meet you.

    I’m a jewelry artist of sorts, a watercolor painter, an upcycler, and an over all creative adventurer!

    I’d be honored for you to follow my blog!

    So beautiful!!! Please enter me into the OWOH give away. I hope you can visit my blog, too. I’m giving away a shabby chic denim necklace. Come chat
    any time.

    Hugs¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´Linda L


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