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Refreshing Welcome


For the past few weeks, I have been recovering from ill health. On this path to recovery, I am not allowed to lift heavy things. So I have my little drag bag – the one I use when we travel. Inside, I put all the heavier things and I pull the bag to and fro the lift to office.  This means that I take a different route to my office from the norm.

Today, I decided to go by the old route.I felt better. My heavy bag was taken by my staff who had to unload other things from my car.

What joy. I saw it from afar through the glass doors leading to the stairs.

I swung open the doors, eyes riveted on this gorgeous sight.

And then the fragrance hit.

I was congested. I had been sneezing. But even then, it penetrated. How very lovely.

It seemed like every part of the area was enveloped by this delightful smell, as if to say, “Welcome back!”

Go Green!


Of course everyone should go green!

No, it is not an epidemic of envy and jealousy!

We are talking about the environment. The slogan is to conserve and to preserve for our future generation. The message is being drummed into the consumers thick skull, especially those who can afford it. The poor has no choice but to recycle. The middle class is the target of the “greeners”, a category of which, I suppose, Hubby and I fall into.

The middle class use tons of chemicals and packaging materials. Chemicals in our daily cleaning of floors, clothes, crockeries, utensils etc., are especially harmful. Hence a good place to start is to look for green cleaning supplies. Anyone interested?

The Good Life


Hubby has gout.

He is hobbling about like a truly old man. Poor dear. Trips to the gym are also severely curtailed.

But it’s more than the physical restriction. There’s also the dietary. Beans, nuts and red meats are out. Some say mushrooms too. He has also been told to go easy on alcohol, especially beer and red wine. Not that he has these daily. Not even weekly. But he does occasionally savour some of it for the pleasure of social drinking.

Now that he has to watch his intake, he bemoans the fact that he has just found a great rocky patel vintage 1992 but he can no longer enjoy it….. Such is life….!

Medical Care


Recently a friend ended up in hospital with a broken ankle.

He had the works – single room, and a lot of pampering!

Unlike some Western countries, in Asia, hospital and medical care is still affordable as government provides basic care for all. In the West, however not everyone can afford the premiums. So many do fall out of the medical care net. To avoid that, there are many who are looking at medical care plans to save money in future. Worth having a look I would think.

Growing Well


The other day when I went to pick Arrow #3 from school, I also picked her friend to help send home after lunch.

As they both walked to the car, I noticed that her friend who is two years younger, was the same height. Later, when we were having lunch, Arrow #3 complained that her friend had shot up in height but she hadn’t. Her friend however complained that she didn’t want to be so tall. Whatever I said in reply would have sounded like I was making a negative comment which might offend one or the other! So I kept quiet and smiled indulgently!

Arrow #3 is petite and small in size for her age and very often she was the smallest in her class in school. At one time Hubby and I were wondering if she need any help to help her grow as her two brothers are above average in their height. We were contemplating getting the best hgh supplements for her.

Later however, we felt it was being reactionary on our part and we left it.

Now, Arrow #3 has shot up in height and has now caught up with her friend!

Aging Effects


The other day I lost a tooth. It broke.
Before that, I lost a crown and tried to compensate for that loss by biting and chewing on the other side.

I must say to feeling my age then. I turned half a century recently.

Age and brittle bones go hand in hand. There are too many horror stories of friends who break their hips or bones in some part of their body when they have a fall.

These stories and my recent mishaps have made me seriously consider increasing my calcium supplements. I don’t want to be a casualty to these expensive hospitalizations and dental treatments!



These days acne seems to be a perennial problem for the young ones. It never used to be in our time. People refer to radicals and what-nots. I can’t keep track!

We have a typical teenage daughter who is conscious of her self image. We are thankful that her skin is very good and she seldom suffers from acne and hence we do not have to seek acne treatment for her.

What’s her secret? Perhaps genes? Hubby and I have reasonably good skin. But she also drinks lots of water and I have started to teach her to use cleansers and toners…. which I myself never use! Haha!

And the Winner Is……….


It’s been quite an eventful season for One World One Heart. But finally, the end of this year’s event has to come to an end. On my side, who is the winner?

Well, dear Sean from the Florida Gulf Coast wrote this comment:
“I am entering for my daughter Melanie, she had wanted to participate in this year’s event, but a fire changed her plans… I thought I would surprise her and do this for her..”

I hadn’t chosen this as a winner for my giveaway because of sentiments. I used the random number generator. Imagine my delight when the winning number was this one!

Now I am looking forward to hearing more and making friends

Phone Camp


I have just spoken to yet another person about phones and it makes me wonder.

You see, you are either for it or against it. There is usually no half way measure when it come to iPhone. Those who love it will brag and show off. Unsubtly, they will indicate “Look! I am using an iPhone.”

On the other hand, folks on the other camp will snigger and say these people have more dollar than sense, saying they are spending over the odds for a technology that is usually one or two generation behind the latest in mobile phone technology like what Samsung and HTC has to offer. Just because Apple has marketed and designed the iPhone better does not make it better!

Which phone camp are you in?

The Web


It is unimaginable not to have the internet. Most of us have gotten so used to it that many of us will be lost without it. We receive our emails, discuss work, and even perform social networking by keeping in touch and communicate with friends and family. Increasingly life without the internet would be rather awkward. Booking an airline ticket and performing a web check in has never been easier. Why, eventually, I can imagine half of the world’s commerce being done via the internet.Of course there is still a place for real brick and mortar type of retailers, but ultimately the internet is the place for increasing sales and businesses.

But it’s not a one-click does all if you are one of those who want to start a business online. In my opinion, it is crucial to get professional website creator to begin with lest the new business be lost in the millions, if not billions, of websites in the internet. You need to be noticed and known to start a business just like real life business and the professional look which gives that first impressions is essential, followed by good and easy navigation around the site, enabling the prospective buyer to find what is desired.