Growing Well

The other day when I went to pick Arrow #3 from school, I also picked her friend to help send home after lunch.

As they both walked to the car, I noticed that her friend who is two years younger, was the same height. Later, when we were having lunch, Arrow #3 complained that her friend had shot up in height but she hadn’t. Her friend however complained that she didn’t want to be so tall. Whatever I said in reply would have sounded like I was making a negative comment which might offend one or the other! So I kept quiet and smiled indulgently!

Arrow #3 is petite and small in size for her age and very often she was the smallest in her class in school. At one time Hubby and I were wondering if she need any help to help her grow as her two brothers are above average in their height. We were contemplating getting the best hgh supplements for her.

Later however, we felt it was being reactionary on our part and we left it.

Now, Arrow #3 has shot up in height and has now caught up with her friend!

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