Refreshing Welcome

For the past few weeks, I have been recovering from ill health. On this path to recovery, I am not allowed to lift heavy things. So I have my little drag bag – the one I use when we travel. Inside, I put all the heavier things and I pull the bag to and fro the lift to office.  This means that I take a different route to my office from the norm.

Today, I decided to go by the old route.I felt better. My heavy bag was taken by my staff who had to unload other things from my car.

What joy. I saw it from afar through the glass doors leading to the stairs.

I swung open the doors, eyes riveted on this gorgeous sight.

And then the fragrance hit.

I was congested. I had been sneezing. But even then, it penetrated. How very lovely.

It seemed like every part of the area was enveloped by this delightful smell, as if to say, “Welcome back!”


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