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Posture Pointers


After the long day I had, I received this link emailed to me. What joy to have it. I needed it! Someone must have noticed how difficult it had been for me to stay connected on the wireless internet during the training. I had the laptop right in front of me, but I had to lean forward. I also needed to stretch my arms and do things which this video said I should not do. Is it any wonder that I needed a massage from my Hubby after??

Still, it was nice to be loved by him through the massage!

Sudden Changes


I have just heard some not-so-nice news. Just when she thought things were going well, that things were under control, and manageable in her life, the company she was working for crashed! She is somewhat reeling with the suddenness of it all. There was no prior warning.

Thank God, however, she is an enterprising young lady. Gifted too. We’re encouraging her to check out some personal loans to start a small business. She’s a whizz at baking and superbly creative.

With further thought, I’d say that she is probably better gifted in this than her previous line of numbers and figures! We as rooting for her and wishing her every success.



Middle of March saw Arrow #3 having her birthday.

Hubby and I took her for dinner. Japanese dinner no less! We hope she felt special.

Later I broke the news to her – her present would only be given to her in April.

Her eyes grew huge. You could see the thoughts running through her mind. Racing. Processing. Excited. And yet not wanting to be toooooo excited. Vintage Arrow #3.

A week later, her thoughts still head there, wondering why she can’t have it yet….

Is it because we have ordered it and it hasn’t arrived? No.

Is it because it’s with someone else and they haven’t got it yet? No.

Is it because you haven’t gone to buy it yet? No.


Then a few days ago, I raised the topic – counted the number of days March had. Her eyes grew big again. She thought her present would reach her middle of April. I told her that when I spoke earlier, I had not known which part of April it would be. As it turned out, it would probably be earlier than middle.

Suspense….. I love it!



Suddenly it hit today. I looked across as I drove, glanced at my daughter as she spoke. Her skin, generally good, was smooth and unlined. Unlike some mothers who need to go scouring for best acne remedies and the like, I am blessed to note her skin is similar to mine in that we have generally good skin. We must not it take for granted that we always will.

Seeing her glowing with joy, regaling me with an event animatedly, I had a sudden flashback – I felt as if I was meeting with someone much younger than her 15 years. The little girl was still in her.

Cheerful, bright, chirpy. That’s my three Arrows. Without exception God at work. So glad…..

Trying to Get Fit!


Hubby has been diagnosed with gout again! If it wasn’t so painful to watch him hobble around like an old man, it would be laughable! Poor man is not complaining, but I can see he’s not a happy daddy!

What’s worse is that he can’t go and exercise – he is supposed to keep his fluid intake high and exercise will make him sweat. He’s itching to go back to the gym!

As an alternative while waiting for the gout to disappear, he is looking for the best creatine supplements to build up better muscles especially his tummy which has grown appreciatively rotund. Haha! OK, I laughed….!

Do We Need a Reserve?


Ahhhh Between Hubby and I we have 3 children and 6 notebooks computers!

Is it any wonder that we hardly consider having any cheap desktops?

And yet, the other day, Hubby had to consider that because we might need one as a reserve. In general, notebooks tend to have more problems than desktops, which are so much easier to buy, repair and maintain. Furthermore, some of the notebooks we have are rather old… It’s a thought!

House Care


My thoughts inadvertently and surely understandably turn to our own house when I see houses collapsing like matchboxes in the wake of the recent earthquakes and tsunami. I am so glad that the building is strong and well grounded despite being on a slope. In the past 3 years we have stayed there, we’ve not notices any cracks in the plaster or any shifting at all!

What we did detect however was a problem with the basement. Well it’s not a big problem. We live in a three-storey house where one side of the basement wall is built out of the side of a hill. We discovered that we had basement moisture . Thank God we noticed it before the construction was completed. So the contractor put in a layer of waterproofing and our problem was solved! Phew!

Strength in Such Times


It’s the news of late – earthquakes and tsunami. Did you see it? Were you as horrified as I was? Incredibly surreal pictures and videos. I have never seen homes being moved like what I have seen on TV screens. The sheer force of the earth movements and the water made buildings, vehicles and huge sections of land and life seem like toys and paper mache – absolutely no strength to withstand. I could not help but wonder if those buildings moved by torrents of water would have stood if they were metal buildings rather than wooden ones.

Did you have friends, relatives, dear ones in the affected areas? I did. Waiting in suspense was not easy. I was so glad that I had the comfort of being able to turn to the Lord in prayer and hear news of the safety of those close to me. At the same time, my heart goes out to those who still haven’t heard. I pray for them to have strength….

Keeping Up


I laugh a lot, even when the pressure builds up. I guess it’s the way I release stress.

When I do that, together with how things somehow work out, it gives the impression that I am very efficient!

In fact, many people think I am doing well to keep up with work and other things during this busy season. They keep coming up to me and saying how efficient I am, how good I do, and so forth.

But truth be told, I feel like a duck, perhaps looking serene on the surface, but actually furiously paddling beneath the waves.

It’s scary. People’s perceptions are scary.

So my response is to laugh even louder.

A Break


I need a break.

I know, I have so many as it is. Just would like more after this season of frantic frenzied fervour at work. Phew.

Perhaps soon….