Strength in Such Times

It’s the news of late – earthquakes and tsunami. Did you see it? Were you as horrified as I was? Incredibly surreal pictures and videos. I have never seen homes being moved like what I have seen on TV screens. The sheer force of the earth movements and the water made buildings, vehicles and huge sections of land and life seem like toys and paper mache – absolutely no strength to withstand. I could not help but wonder if those buildings moved by torrents of water would have stood if they were metal buildings rather than wooden ones.

Did you have friends, relatives, dear ones in the affected areas? I did. Waiting in suspense was not easy. I was so glad that I had the comfort of being able to turn to the Lord in prayer and hear news of the safety of those close to me. At the same time, my heart goes out to those who still haven’t heard. I pray for them to have strength….

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