Suddenly it hit today. I looked across as I drove, glanced at my daughter as she spoke. Her skin, generally good, was smooth and unlined. Unlike some mothers who need to go scouring for best acne remedies and the like, I am blessed to note her skin is similar to mine in that we have generally good skin. We must not it take for granted that we always will.

Seeing her glowing with joy, regaling me with an event animatedly, I had a sudden flashback – I felt as if I was meeting with someone much younger than her 15 years. The little girl was still in her.

Cheerful, bright, chirpy. That’s my three Arrows. Without exception God at work. So glad…..

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One Response to “Nostalgia?”

  1. blogpastor Says:

    They look so happy and blessed. You are blessed indeed! How about a more recent pic?


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