Middle of March saw Arrow #3 having her birthday.

Hubby and I took her for dinner. Japanese dinner no less! We hope she felt special.

Later I broke the news to her – her present would only be given to her in April.

Her eyes grew huge. You could see the thoughts running through her mind. Racing. Processing. Excited. And yet not wanting to be toooooo excited. Vintage Arrow #3.

A week later, her thoughts still head there, wondering why she can’t have it yet….

Is it because we have ordered it and it hasn’t arrived? No.

Is it because it’s with someone else and they haven’t got it yet? No.

Is it because you haven’t gone to buy it yet? No.


Then a few days ago, I raised the topic – counted the number of days March had. Her eyes grew big again. She thought her present would reach her middle of April. I told her that when I spoke earlier, I had not known which part of April it would be. As it turned out, it would probably be earlier than middle.

Suspense….. I love it!

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