Today I went with some friends and their premature baby to have a checkup done for the baby. It was fun cuddling the little fella. He is such a gem! So are his parents. I had forgotten how light and small and cuddly they can be! Haha!

Things were going well despite needing to wait a little for medications to take effect. Then baby’s Mom and I went into the room to have the first test done with me holding baby to help Mom. There, the nurse and doctor got chatting with us.

It was then I got promoted – to be the little fella’s Grandma! Haha! That’s who the doctor and nurse thought I was!

When I thought about it, in a sense, I suppose I AM old enough – one of my staff has a two-year old and she calls me Aunty. I have been married for 29 years, though of course my eldest is still too young…..

On the other hand of course, I think perhaps I am overdue for a facial? Make it an overhaul or major renovation! Haha!

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