Is There Any Hope?

I was given a list. It was entitled “Am I a Proud or Broken Person?”

There were checklists about attitudes. Attitudes to self, others, etc.

I found myself checking myself on the list.

And left wanting.

Take for instance


PROUD PEOPLE crave self-advancement.

BROKEN PEOPLE desire to promote others

PROUD PEOPLE have a drive to be recognised and appreciated for their efforts.

BROKEN PEOPLE have a sense of their own unworthiness; they are thrilled that God would use them at all.

PROUD PEOPLE get wounded when others are promoted and they are overlooked.

BROKEN PEOPLE are eager for others to get credit, and they rejoice when others are lifted up.

PROUD PEOPLE are elated by praise and deflated by criticism.

BROKEN PEOPLE know that any praise of their accomplishments belongs to the Lord and that criticism can help them grow into spiritual maturity

Even posting this seems a contrary thing to do.

And yet….

So I ask, “Is there any hope for one such as I?”

(For more, visit EADotCom and TheHinge)


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