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A Privilege







It’s been fun seeing the banana trees in my garden blossom and bear fruit. It’s even more fun to be able to bless other people with them!

This particular bunch is unique from the rest. You see, the rest are cooking bananas. This one, however, is called pisang emas. Roughly translated means the golden banana.

This particular breed is small with a very thin skin, tasty without a bitter aftertaste.

This particular bunch is super big with a promising lovely taste!

It will be such a privilege to give them out. I must consider who I pass them out to!

Where there is smoke….


From a distance we could see it. The plume of white smoke rising up. We wondered what could be burning so badly. Was it on the main road? Was it off the dual carriageway?

It seemed to be a major event, whatever it was.

As we grew nearer, I steadied my camera in my hand. I didn’t want to miss the shot.

No, I wasn’t driving and taking photos! Hubby was at the wheel!

In seconds, we saw it!

That’s right. We saw…. nothing. There was absolutely nothing that was causing the smoke. Nothing that we could see anyway…Just a lot of dissipating smoke.

And here endeth another post…. !

The Ultimate Drink


Sorry – I don’t mean the alcoholic kind. I am allergic to it so I can’t comment or review those!

What I mean is THE drink on a hot, sticky, sweaty day. Cool, refreshing, tangy, sweet…. just the thing to revive flagging energy levels!

Meet the three-in-one special. Two slices of lemon, two pieces of limau kasturi and a few pieces of preserved sour plum. Whip them together with a dash of sugar, this beats and rehydrating drink on the market I know! YUM!

The Ultimate Sunset





OK perhaps there are better ones. Perhaps there will be better ones still to come.

But for this day, for this time, this is the ultimate sunset. Glorious in colours, brightness and hues. Changing even as we snapped away, each moment special.

I am so thankful for the lovely, never-the-same sunsets that are painted daily in the place where I live!

The Ultimate Mango!


We were walking past the stalls to get to our chosen dinner joint.

Then Hubby stopped in his tracks, causing Arrow #3 who was ahead to turn back, and I, who was behind Hubby, to pause. He made some queries to the proprietor. “What is that?”

A mango?

A mango indeed. Big enough to feed a family? Big enough certainly to satisfy a few mouths!

I would have loved to try one. But alas, by the time we finished dinner the stall was closed. Too late. We should have got it there and then!

The Ultimate Beetle!


No, I don’t mean the four-wheeled one. I mean THIS ONE!

Meet the rhinocerous beetle! This one is absolutely HUGE! There is no photograph trickery here.

We were at a friend’s barbeque at the nearby hills. The bugs and beetles were drawn by the lights at our little wooden platform where the grills were, in their garden. Suddenly this monster appeared. Startled many and delighted our overseas visitors.

Needless to say, it was the star attraction for the night, apart from the sumptuous food and great fellowship!

Supplementary Help


Today I really felt it – it was as if my joints were creaking! Especially the knees!

BUT I have been taking calcium supplements and they MUST be helping because I have had THREE falls and not a single bone broken! I am sooooo thankful! After all, I have celebrated my half century and at this age, one must be concerned about broken bones! Hubby and I hear of friends and acquaintances breaking hips after a fall.

On my part, I thank God that though bruised, muscle battered and painful sides, there were no broken bones.



So it’s a full working day for hubby. He has come home on more than one occasion saying that he wants to streamline, but today was truly one such day. Expressing his desire for more staff, good business postcards to give out, special tag lines, better management…. he’s gone through the gauntlet of late! It’s a strange thing to hear him complain. I wonder if there is more than what meets the eye….

Be Rid of Them!


One of my best friend’s son has black heads. Especially on his nose. He feels ever so conscious about them!

They have been trying all kinds of stuff to¬†get rid of blackheads for him. They tried the plaster type which works by pulling the blackheads out after being stuck on for a while. It was not so effective though lately they have noticed his nose looking clearer and overall less blackheads. We wonder what had he done apart from being hygienic by good facial wash and good healthy diet….?



We need to work out! We need to exercise! It has been too long a lay-off!

We have excuses. Some legitimate ones.

Hubby had several bouts of gout.

I had a fall and some bleeding issues.

So no physical exercise was possible.

But thank God we have recovered and are now thinking of getting back into exercising. So much so that we are considering buying some toning equipment.

On top of that, since we have been out for so long maybe we may have to take some supplements. Sites like this about pre workout supplement reviews will be a great help!

But first, that hot tub!