It Dawned On Me

My eyes were not perfect – I was offered to have a special operation to make a double eye lid (which I now have naturally because of aging!)

My hair was too brown – I remember sessions of smelly coconut oil lathering. The other day, as I was leaving the saloon after a haircut, a customer walked in and asked my stylist for the same colour dye as my hair… haha!

My teeth were not white enough – given charcoal powder to rub and apply on my permanent pearly-so-whites. Perhaps that’s why I have so much trouble with my teeth these days?

My height was just too much – in an all girls’ school, I always took the boys’ part in dances and in plays. It launched me into the arms of my Lord once I realised both in my head and in my heart that I am loved by Him. What’s more, Hubby WANTED a wife who was taller. (That’s another story!)

All in all, it dawned on me that as I grew, there were many things about me that were not accepted by others. It made it hard for me to accept myself.

BUT GOD had plans for my just as I am …. and for that, I am soooo thankful! Thank You Lord!


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