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I thought that with my dodgy knee, I should be resting. Instead my son who is a physiotherapist wannabe tells me to go workout more. In fact, he wants me to work the part that hurts!

So on this machine, for instance, he tells me I should do one particular exercise TWICE as much as the other!

Wow. Woe. Weep.

BUT after a few days, I can actually see the difference too…..

Impressive. Both son and machine.

Oh, and yes, Mom too!

Sit Here


On some days

I just want to ask

Please may I just sit here?

Yeah, today is one of those days.

Righting Wrong Impressions


We had visitors coming by again. This time to stay. During their stay, the electricity cut off quite a few times. I suppose it made them feel more “in the wild” since they are visiting Borneo, the place where headhunters used to reside… At least that was the impression they had before they got here!

It’s not exactly the kind of impression we’d like anyone to have. (Some have asked if we still live in treetops! Honestly!) Well, these power cuts have not been good to erase such thoughts. I am just so glad that the water supply held out! Otherwise, I would have installed something like the WeGotPumps water pump or similar!

Needless to say that we had to change the misconception and that we did, I am glad to say, before they left….!

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Do you like the three friends? Don’t they look cute? They are ab0ut 12 inches high, soft and cuddly.

What I like most about this photo however, is not their cuddly looks. It’s the photo itself. The black background sets off the black bow ties. One of my colleagues saw this shot and wanted to take one too. But she didnt have a camera. That resulted in a long discussion about the merits of samsung cameras other such ones. I think she WILL get one. But which?

Bitter Sweet


Arrow #1 is back. Did I tell you that he’s doing physiotherapy? It’s pretty good going. His recent results show that he is doing well, and we are glad.

When he came back, I thought perhaps he could help with my right knee. It’s been hurting and I have found it most distracting and unable to ease the pain. From the moment I stand and move, the knee screams tor a good few minutes. Interestingly, it’s the sides of the kneecap AND the back of the knee that’s the loudest.

Alas, after taking my history and generally checking things out, he thinks that there isn’t anything he can do. After all, he’s only second year…. Makes me want to look for a donjoy hinged knee brace Yes, it is that bad! I am glad he’s back but wish he could do something Haha!

More Needed!


It’s coming to holiday time, especially for the older ones. Hubby and I have been thinking about getting a third car for when they come home for holidays. Both of us are busy with work, and we need a car each so a third car will come in handy. Of course, it can’t be too costly. A non-expensive, small run-about, low-fuel-consumption car – that’s what we want. That set us thinking about finance. We don’t want to pay lump sum in cash, so we are looking into borrowing and paying in installments. Hmmm…. maybe something like rv loans may provide us the solution?



It’s been a long time since I have had days like these.

In fact, it’s been years.

Wait. It’s been more than two decades.

I had forgotten what it was like to wake up in pain. In fact, I dont recall the pain at all, though I must have had it. I had two prolapsed vertebral discs before. Slipped discs in layman terms. One was in the neck area where even combing my hair required tremendous concentration. The other was in the lower back. Both needed much therapy.

Yes, I must have been in pain both times.

Of course, then there were the back pains each month. Grossly terrible times they were. Though they didn’t wake me from sleep, they were bad enough to keep me from falling asleep. I still remember lying stomach down over a beanbag while Hubby would rub my back with his feet. I would fall asleep that way and get some relief then.

These too, have ceased.

Of late, though, pain has been a fairly constant companion.

This time round, I have taken a little longer to rise above it. But rise above I shall.

Each day I still wake up and potter about, moving a bit slowly at times. I had re-added exercise to my weekly activities though not in the same intensity. I have resisted taking any medication for pain. I live each day at a time, adjusting as I can, increasing my limits where possible, and mostly, just trusting that that things will work out well.

Did you know that there is a lot of money to be made in pain therapy? I don’t plan to add to the statistics! Haha!







I haven’t been too well for the past 6 months but am nonetheless pressing on. Friday was the lowest in a long time. Exhausted and in pain both physically and emotionally.

Suddenly an offer comes. Three nights stay in the nearby 5-star hotel. Initially I wanted to refuse. But I felt a check in me. Don’t be so quick to turn it down. So I told the person I would check with Hubby first… who immediately said Yes. Wow…

So we went….

No meals but a nice comfy stay away from home. I rested as much as I could. Slept as much as i could. Was just quiet. So glad for such friends who care and are so generous in their care.

I would probably have had much more rest and quiet if I was alone, but it was good too, to have had my family with me.

So very thankful and feeling so very blessed.