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I haven’t been too well for the past 6 months but am nonetheless pressing on. Friday was the lowest in a long time. Exhausted and in pain both physically and emotionally.

Suddenly an offer comes. Three nights stay in the nearby 5-star hotel. Initially I wanted to refuse. But I felt a check in me. Don’t be so quick to turn it down. So I told the person I would check with Hubby first… who immediately said Yes. Wow…

So we went….

No meals but a nice comfy stay away from home. I rested as much as I could. Slept as much as i could. Was just quiet. So glad for such friends who care and are so generous in their care.

I would probably have had much more rest and quiet if I was alone, but it was good too, to have had my family with me.

So very thankful and feeling so very blessed.