Bitter Sweet

Arrow #1 is back. Did I tell you that he’s doing physiotherapy? It’s pretty good going. His recent results show that he is doing well, and we are glad.

When he came back, I thought perhaps he could help with my right knee. It’s been hurting and I have found it most distracting and unable to ease the pain. From the moment I stand and move, the knee screams tor a good few minutes. Interestingly, it’s the sides of the kneecap AND the back of the knee that’s the loudest.

Alas, after taking my history and generally checking things out, he thinks that there isn’t anything he can do. After all, he’s only second year…. Makes me want to look for a donjoy hinged knee brace Yes, it is that bad! I am glad he’s back but wish he could do something Haha!


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