Righting Wrong Impressions

We had visitors coming by again. This time to stay. During their stay, the electricity cut off quite a few times. I suppose it made them feel more “in the wild” since they are visiting Borneo, the place where headhunters used to reside… At least that was the impression they had before they got here!

It’s not exactly the kind of impression we’d like anyone to have. (Some have asked if we still live in treetops! Honestly!) Well, these power cuts have not been good to erase such thoughts. I am just so glad that the water supply held out! Otherwise, I would have installed something like the WeGotPumps water pump or similar!

Needless to say that we had to change the misconception and that we did, I am glad to say, before they left….!

<a href=”http://www.wegotpumps.com/”>WeGotPumps water pump</a>

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