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Well, we do not have an RV so we need not worry about the expense of rv insurance. (RVs for the initiated are recreational vehicles which are used for off-the-road traveling.) Hence the risk for these vehicles are higher therefore higher premium is attached. Our friend, however, owns one. And I just saw him in the shop nearby. His wife had stormed off in a huff. (Yes, I took cover in case she got mad at me for seeing this happen)  His head was in his hands. I think they were arguing about their RV coverage.

Or rather, HER RV!

Changes to be Made


Just heard from a friend who says that business is bad. Many debtors are defaulting on their payments. It is understandable that many are willing to pay but is unable as they need time.

However there are quite a few who despite having the money will not pay and will make use of the circumstances to drag on. That means he has no choice but to engage a lawyer to collect. Someone gave him a lead to call raleigh commercial litigation lawyers. He might just give them a try.

I feel so sorry for him….



There! I used the word I have been meaning to for years! Haha!

Yes bambino! It’s Italian and means baby or child. And when the Italians say it, they say it with passion, with flair and pomp! Can you imagine the twirl of the moustache and the flick of the fingers?

OK, so I might be exaggerating. Sorry….

But hearing from any deliriously-happy especially first-time father, it would certainly be with passion! Indeed, birth announcements of any sort should be with passion.

As was my friend’s recent one about his firstborn – a son. He spent a small fortune telling everyone the weight, date and time of delivery, and of course, the name, which mean JOY. Yes, bambino brings joy!

Continuing Good Health


We drink water everyday.We need it in ample supply for good health.

Most of us take our water from the tap, boiled or otherwise. But when you think about it, there are miles and miles of pipe feeding this water came to us. Some if these pipes are decades if not more than a century old! We don’t even know if the water treated is actually as safe as claimed it to be because on certain days we can see sediments!

So we are now trying out a filter that does reverse osmosis. We’d rather be safe than sorry especially when we have young children visiting at times.

More More for Less Less


Despite the successful completion of the 7K Charity Fun Fun within the stipulated time we are not satisfied with health, and in particular, our weight. We need to really cut the excess weight. Sadly, despite having a good regime of exercise, the stubborn fat will not simply evaporate. We were told about the virtues of belly dancing but I simply can’t imagine Hubby doing that! Can you? Haha! Now we are looking for the best diet pills instead!

My Home


How many places do you know where you can wake up to the sound of chirping birds?

How many places could there be with this sort of view at dawn?

This is the view from MY HOME….

Mission Accomplished!


A picture speaks a thousand words, right?

Here’s three in one!

Today the 7K


Today I am going to attempt to finish 7K. I do not pretend to be able to run or jog like I did last year. The knee will not permit. My goal this year is to merely complete it.

The question is, shall I take some medication BEFORE the attempt? Or should I just go for it, knee strap in situ…. Wait for the next post!

Rythmic Fun


Last night was fun. It was serious too, but also fun.

We were at the prayer meeting. There are many things we need to pray about these days. The nation is at a critical time.

Well, part of the prayer time was to sing. In particular was one song – it was a lively, foot-tapping, finger-wanna-go-snapping kind. Just as I was getting into the song, I could hear a new sound. Over and above the acoustic guitar and the electric keyboard was a new sound. Instead of keeping my eyes closed (because I know the words) and focusing on the lyrics of the song (as I would do normally) I found my right eye behaving on its own – it opened and peeked to see where the sound was coming from.

What fun! It was Hubby, tapping away at the steel drums with his fingers! How cool is that! Haha! It lifted the music up a couple of notches and we had good fun in prayer and worship!

He’s Off!


Yes! Finally! After weeks and months of waiting! Phew!

My third arrow is going for his internship!

Why am I being so hyper about it? Well, you would too, if your child was being offered and all expenses paid trip to Geneva for training! Haha! It’s an opportunity not to be missed! As the last minute preparations begin, he has to explore things such as what clothes to take, and even if he ought to get online life insurance. Just as well other things such as the visa and accommodation is being sorted out by the authorities!

I can hardly wait to see photos…. oh wait. What camera has he got? Apart from his phone….. hmmmmm