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Rythmic Fun


Last night was fun. It was serious too, but also fun.

We were at the prayer meeting. There are many things we need to pray about these days. The nation is at a critical time.

Well, part of the prayer time was to sing. In particular was one song – it was a lively, foot-tapping, finger-wanna-go-snapping kind. Just as I was getting into the song, I could hear a new sound. Over and above the acoustic guitar and the electric keyboard was a new sound. Instead of keeping my eyes closed (because I know the words) and focusing on the lyrics of the song (as I would do normally) I found my right eye behaving on its own – it opened and peeked to see where the sound was coming from.

What fun! It was Hubby, tapping away at the steel drums with his fingers! How cool is that! Haha! It lifted the music up a couple of notches and we had good fun in prayer and worship!