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Do I refer to speed?

Do I refer to clasps?


I refer to the abstinence of something, and in this case, food!

“What would we do without food?” I hear you exclaim.

Why, if it’s a prolonged fast, you’d start looking thin. Perhaps even svelte!

Having said that, I am told that this is not the best way to lose weight. One would regain weight loss and more apparently, and then one would need to reach out for the diet pills on the shelf!

So why fast?

It brings one closer to God. Enables one to be more conscious of the Almighty.

So I am told by those who do fast, and do so regularly.

So yeah, fast time cometh….

Where is Tina?



She came with her parents. Lovely, lively, chatty, exuberant and full of life.

There was a time when she was on the verge of death’s door. Double meningitis it was. What a time it was!

Now to see her all bubbly and interested in everything around her just warms the heart.

Spontaneously we played the game. I threw cushions on her as she lay on my settee. She lay still as I called out, “Where is Tina?” with every throw. Slowly but surely she got covered up. Then she began to giggle. And to fidget. And to toss about. Like a monster shaking of puny humans, a dinosaur shaking off tiny reptiles holding on to its back….

OK, OK, so my imagination worked overtime there.

But hey, we had a good time, playing this repeatedly.

Of course, the skill is to know when to stop playing it so that you leave them wanting for more.

Which is what I did. Haha!

Being Better Equipped


Apart from my other interests, I am a qualified behavioral analyst. Yes, I wear a lot of hats. In fact I carry two name cards!

A Behavioral Analyst. What does that mean? What does one do? Well, simple really – I help people how to recognize their strength and weaknesses in their inherent personality traits. This would enable higher productivity, better communication, and stronger teamwork. Far-sighted clients have learned that this is a good way to enhance efficiency but more importantly, effectiveness. I have done this with corporate companies, teachers, youth groups, ladies groups, and even do one-on-one.

So how do I do it? Well, I would teach a bit and then use a lot of activities to illustrate my points. I tend to have a lot of resource material as well as equipment to take around apart from my laptop e.g. my own sound speakers (for videos). By and large however, PowerPoints are the most essential and the bulk of my illustrations and notes are in my laptop.

Which is why I am now looking into having an lcd projector. Most sessions held are conducted in seminar rooms and these differ from place to place.  Not all places have such facilities and equipment. Some charge by the hour! So I am exploring lightweight epson lcd projectors to make it easier for myself.

Now I am looking for more jobs to come in so I can afford the best model possible!

Barbequed Rice….!


This is the local barbeque….

And this is how it is prepared.

For more info, go visit The Hinge

There’s Something….






There’s something about meeting up with friends.

There’s something about meeting up with friends over a nice meal.

A meeting of kindred hearts, minds and interests.

Over yummy food. Haha! That’s an important factor.

And of course, the ambiance. Thankful for the time together though short.






I was preparing to go out for dinner the other night. Had my entire outfit planned. Yes, it was THAT sort of dinner.

Then I got stuck. I could not find my special clutch bags. My black one was with my white one which was together with my cream one.

The cream one. That was special. It’s from Mom. I still remember watching her get ready for dinner and I would wait for the moment when she brought this special bag out. I loved this bag. It came along with perfume for and makeup and special softness for the evening. I would wait for chance to finger the beads, caress the workmanship, and admire the entire workmanship. I would try to hang around and watch Mom get ready. I would wish I could go along and be a fly on the wall.

It was a truly special moment when on one visit home my Mom handed it to me and told me it was mine. Faded. Beads missing. Cloth showing in parts. But it was mine. As was all the memories. I am so, so thankful, even to today.

And yes, I found my bags, all three of them. No, the other two will never be as special as this one…. Thanks Mom

Postscript on Hospital Visit


I forgot to elaborate one more thing about the hospital visit.

The staff. Their uniforms. A far cry from the uniforms of my time. In my time, we had stuffy, stiff pale blue checks with white lines. Silly paper hats (although when I became a midwifery sister, my hat became a bit cloth-like). Black shoes with tights that often lost shape after one wash…. yes, those were the days.

Not so nowadays. Well, there was such myriad of uniforms, I even began to wonder if there was any dress code! (Yes, there is – I just haven’t cracked the code yet!) Some were simple plain scrubs. Others however, reminded me of nursing scrubs from Marcus – smart and comfortable, pleasant on the eye and gear you would be pleased to put on each time before stepping out.

Makes me almost feel like going back to work …. not!



There is something about ice cream.

Especially ice cream on a hot day.

What’s more, ice cream on a hot day with chocolate syrup.

And yes, nothing beats vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.

The ultimate? Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup AND chocolate rice!


Hee Hee! Concocted by Arrow Number 3….!



As I neared home today, I could see the cars. So many of them. They were parked a few hundred metres from our house but I knew that they were not visiting our place. I got into our driveway and realised that the gathering was at our neighbours. Seemed to be fairly happy crowd.

I opened the door to get out of the car and that’s when it hit me –  the smells! The delightful smells of grilled meats! The neighbours were having a barbeque. It made my salivary glands work super overtime!

And it made me want to get our own electric grill. Where’s Hubby’s bank book….

Gift Suggestions


When I posted about getting something for my son’s graduation I had a few suggestions. Some were reasonable suggestions, but there are some which are somewhat unsuitable. So-called funny t shirts? That doesn’t resonate with my music-loving, home-longing offspring. Certainly not for one who is a leader in the local Christian group.

So I am back to square one. What SHOULD I get for his graduation? Decent suggestions please!