New Staff New Stuff

It’s approaching October where we have a big event coming up. So big, I have decided to take on a new person to help. He’s in temporary and we are so glad to have him. Not only can he assist in the conference and the run-up to it, but he is also helpful as an extra pair of hands to carry and move things about. We just had our office painted! Phew!

He is also helpful with running errands! That’s because he rides a motorbike. During my interview of him, upon finding out that he bikes, I had to ask if he had an extra helmet to help my other staff who doesn’t drive. If he didn’t I would have given him some money to get one! As it turns out, he did have one.

But I am wondering now if I should get one for myself in case I want to take a ride on the bike too! Haha!

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