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Reminiscing Holidays


While chatting with relatives who have visited us of late, Hubby and I got talking about our holiday trips previously. Before the availability of cheap air fares. Before the arrival of children. Before the responsibilities began to increase. Before we could say “We can afford to do that”! We used to go camping! In fact, even when I was pregnant, I went camping – on the local island offshore here!

Another time that we went on holidays was when our firstborn was due. We felt that despite our shoestring budget, we needed to get away before the bambino came along. So we looked for a caravan site. I was keen to camp, but Hubby decided it would be more comfortable for me. That’s when we learned about the maintenance of a caravan from knowing how to hitch one up (using curt hitches no less!) to how to clean up the septic container Yuck! Haha!

One day we must try to take the children on such holidays again….