I was preparing to go out for dinner the other night. Had my entire outfit planned. Yes, it was THAT sort of dinner.

Then I got stuck. I could not find my special clutch bags. My black one was with my white one which was together with my cream one.

The cream one. That was special. It’s from Mom. I still remember watching her get ready for dinner and I would wait for the moment when she brought this special bag out. I loved this bag. It came along with perfume for and makeup and special softness for the evening. I would wait for chance to finger the beads, caress the workmanship, and admire the entire workmanship. I would try to hang around and watch Mom get ready. I would wish I could go along and be a fly on the wall.

It was a truly special moment when on one visit home my Mom handed it to me and told me it was mine. Faded. Beads missing. Cloth showing in parts. But it was mine. As was all the memories. I am so, so thankful, even to today.

And yes, I found my bags, all three of them. No, the other two will never be as special as this one…. Thanks Mom

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