Being Better Equipped

Apart from my other interests, I am a qualified behavioral analyst. Yes, I wear a lot of hats. In fact I carry two name cards!

A Behavioral Analyst. What does that mean? What does one do? Well, simple really – I help people how to recognize their strength and weaknesses in their inherent personality traits. This would enable higher productivity, better communication, and stronger teamwork. Far-sighted clients have learned that this is a good way to enhance efficiency but more importantly, effectiveness. I have done this with corporate companies, teachers, youth groups, ladies groups, and even do one-on-one.

So how do I do it? Well, I would teach a bit and then use a lot of activities to illustrate my points. I tend to have a lot of resource material as well as equipment to take around apart from my laptop e.g. my own sound speakers (for videos). By and large however, PowerPoints are the most essential and the bulk of my illustrations and notes are in my laptop.

Which is why I am now looking into having an lcd projector. Most sessions held are conducted in seminar rooms and these differ from place to place.  Not all places have such facilities and equipment. Some charge by the hour! So I am exploring lightweight epson lcd projectors to make it easier for myself.

Now I am looking for more jobs to come in so I can afford the best model possible!

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