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Just heard from my second Arrow again. So thankful that he is doing well.

Did I mention that he is on an overseas posting? It’s part of his internship. He was sent to Europe.

“Cool…” I can hear some of you think. Guess what? I think it’s cool too!

He’s going to finish his diploma this year. I can hardly believe he’s been away for three years. Time flies.

Hubby and I have been thinking, wondering about the graduation. Not that we don’t want to make a big thing out of this. But also we are wondering about getting his a good gift. Not too fancy, but something decent. We thought about checking out some cheap grad gifts online but we are also wondering if a holiday back home would be preferable. We need to consult him soon…. or should we just surprise him? Hmmmm decisions!

A Hospital Visit


One thing leads to another, as the saying goes.

After the visit with balloons, I went again to the hospital. It’s pretty impressive. One of only two hospitals in the country dedicated to paediatrics. This one is special – it has mothers’ support too.

Most significant was their intensive care unit. I saw really souped-up machines, state of the art technology. From the humble medical carts to the wall buttons and tubes, everything was special. Not just the normal but specially made with the user in mind, full of support. Yes, impressive is the word.

But of course, the equipment is only as useful and good as the user. So what were the staff like? I could only use the same word – impressive. I liked what I observed and heard. They were caring, articulate, and efficient. I have to say that I felt proud to have this hospital in our vicinity (Smile!)

Bringing Cheer


Well, our main event is over. Now to clear up!

So we got the cloths down, the decorative plants cleared and then took down all the balloons.

As with the past two years, we loaded up a van and drove to the nearby children’s hospital. There, we hoped we brought some cheer to some of those really ill children.

These are just under half of the balloons!

We go in more often than this of course. It’s not just once a year – some members go in regularly. That’s much appreciated by both the staff and the parents.

For me, I just love being “Santa Claus” in the middle of the year! Haha!

Reminiscing Holidays


While chatting with relatives who have visited us of late, Hubby and I got talking about our holiday trips previously. Before the availability of cheap air fares. Before the arrival of children. Before the responsibilities began to increase. Before we could say “We can afford to do that”! We used to go camping! In fact, even when I was pregnant, I went camping – on the local island offshore here!

Another time that we went on holidays was when our firstborn was due. We felt that despite our shoestring budget, we needed to get away before the bambino came along. So we looked for a caravan site. I was keen to camp, but Hubby decided it would be more comfortable for me. That’s when we learned about the maintenance of a caravan from knowing how to hitch one up (using curt hitches no less!) to how to clean up the septic container Yuck! Haha!

One day we must try to take the children on such holidays again….

Transforming Teamwork


We had a celebration recently. Lots of us got together to decorate the place. Young and old, we pitched in.

Took us ages to get loads of balloons up. We had balloons hanging from the ceiling, along the staircase, and yes, at the entrance. We transformed the whole place into the theme of blue and silver.

It was our 10th anniversary. I didn’t get home till half past 11 at night, but our efforts, together with that of the hotel’s made it all worth it. The reaction of the people the next day made it really worthwhile. But for me, it was the time of interacting with the folks who helped to put it all together.

I really appreciate them. Working together transformed my thinking of each one present – I knew they were gems, but what wonderful gems!


New Staff New Stuff


It’s approaching October where we have a big event coming up. So big, I have decided to take on a new person to help. He’s in temporary and we are so glad to have him. Not only can he assist in the conference and the run-up to it, but he is also helpful as an extra pair of hands to carry and move things about. We just had our office painted! Phew!

He is also helpful with running errands! That’s because he rides a motorbike. During my interview of him, upon finding out that he bikes, I had to ask if he had an extra helmet to help my other staff who doesn’t drive. If he didn’t I would have given him some money to get one! As it turns out, he did have one.

But I am wondering now if I should get one for myself in case I want to take a ride on the bike too! Haha!

Decent Care


Recently our cousins from overseas visited. One of them came with a cracked wrist, some kidney infection and I am not sure what else.

He went to see the local doctor here who charged him…. very little compared to where he came from!

It would appear that the system there has little help for those who don’t belong to the system. No social security disability or even decent hospital and outpatient care. Such a shame! He needs to somehow get in on the system first.

Meanwhile, I do hope he will get well soon!

Special Anniversary


It will be their 30th wedding anniversary!

As marriages go these days, just getting to double digits is not as common as before. So many marriages are not making it past the first decade.

Hence we are so glad that our friends are approaching theirs! Right now they are working on their invitations for a BIG bash. And I am so glad Hubby and I are amongst the privileged ones to be on their list. That’s because we introduced them to each other! Haha! Truly looking forward to the evening.