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They seemed to appear out of the blue. One moment there are lots of leaves and foliage. The next moment there appears this brown muddy looking thing.

A hornets’ nest!

The picture on the left is where the strong winds blew on it and some parts broke off.

The very next day, the entire hive/nest is totally repaired. Scary.

I plan to call the fire brigade. They will come and attend to its disposal at night. Hornets can’t see then. Smoke ’em and then spray ’em….

Helpful on Rainy Days


Perhaps I am just being pampered. Especially when it rains. I loathe the palaver involved when I get home.

I drive up to the gate of the house. It’s pouring cats and dogs (it would be considered a storm in England, but here, it’s the norm!)

I have to dig for am umbrella in the car. Then, maneuvering it open, I struggle with lashing wetness and strong winds that render the brolly useless.

Striding to the gate as quickly as the puddles allow,I  fumble to open the latch of the gate and then push the heavy iron contraption open.

That part completed, I run back to the car, whip the door open and somehow close the umbrella, stick in somewhere in the car, slam the door shut, take a big breath and put the car in gear.

For these reasons above, I am so very thankful for this little contraption.

Behold, the motor for the electric gate. Finally fixed and my life is made a lot easier, especially on rainy days!

Simple but Effective


I like to keep life simple. No need for fancy stuff. No need for complicated things. That doesn’t mean I take shortcuts or over-simplify matters. One needs to strike a balance.

This philosophical attitude translates into how I manage life in general, and my hair specifically. Well, specifically for now.

You see, I am not the sort of person to fuss over my hair. Nor do I want to spend money at the hair dresser. I don’t dye my hair and my stylist has given up hope of ever convincing me to let her experiment!

This means that my hair is growing long and unattended. And has done so for almost a year. I just get the front trimmed. The rest, I manage by using curlers. Yes, you read correctly. In this day and age, I am one who uses curlers.

I wash my hair, put the curlers in and go to bed.

The next morning, I have a nice head of hair which usually looks a lot of money has been spent on it.

But looks can deceiving.

I just don’t like to fuss over my hair, nor do I want to spend ages trying to blow it dry.

Confession – with this style, I can get away with just running my fingers through my hair before I step out of the house and generally still look good. Not bad eh!

Really Useful






Why bother to pay so much and get membership into clubs?

Why should we pay so much to get fit?

Why do we think we need to spend a lot to be in good health?

These were the questions Arrow #1 posed recently.

Then he whipped this out and showed me what he meant.

And I do believe he is right to some extent!

Anyone has any idea what this is? Haha!



We have some friends who have been playing web games on their iPads – Angry Birds, Cut the Ropes and whatever. (I don’t play but I hear these phrases bandied around!) Whilst they think it is fun, the poor iPad has to bear with all their smacks and shakes. As an observer, I wish I had my camera ready!

Then they discoverxbox 360 kinect! That just blew their minds! No wires, no touch! You play as you would in real life all the games – from golf to dancing. Why, in Star Wars YOU can be Luke Skywalker! It all works by body movement sensors…. Now that’s what I call gaming!

Oh So Sweet!


“Oh so sweet!” Those were my first thoughts upon sighting this colourful array of local cakes. I bought a selection for my office staff despite my not eating any.

“Oh so sweet!” went one of my office staff upon seeing them.

“OH SO SWEET!” exclaimed another staff upon tasting them!





There are days when the work seems unending. I have to wonder, “Am I making headway or am I regressing?”

But when work is done in the company of others, it can be much easier. That’s when it can even get to be fun.

And then you wish the work or the day wasn’t over so quickly….

Today was one of those days….!

I Got the Message


OK, so I have been working hard lately.

True, I have been having less sleep of late.

Fine, I admit I haven’t been eating much either.

I acknowledged that I have not drunk enough water or the like.

So I know I don’t really look my best right now.

But this didn’t hit home till I got these…. three lots of gifts from three different people!

I must say I did have a good chuckle.

And then I grabbed the first tub and lathered a good thick layer on!

P.S. It works!

Temporary Help


We have a new helper. She lives in, and unlike the previous helper, this one is quite responsible. I feel I can trust her. When I give her one set of instructions, she carries them through with little supervision! YES!

The other way she differs from the previous helper is in the area of finance. The former was often asking for payday advances to solve her daily cash needs. I am certain that she can manage her finances better. Giving her an advance is merely temporary help which is no help at all.

Hence I do hope this helper will be a long-term help!



Safety! Safety at home, safety at work!

Following from the last post, I note that many work-related injuries are caused by ignorance. One would think that such injuries are found only at construction work sites, factories and dangerous outdoors. So you will be surprised that in many in offices, the supposedly safe and cocooned air conditioned innocent-looking work place is far from safe!

What happens is that modern repetitive work at computers, lack of movements and mind tiredness often contribute to careless injuries. Hence the call for more Occupational Health & Safety Specialist Jobs and openings now being offered by companies. Not only do they need to comply with the law. They also want to reduce injuries that will cost them unproductive costs.

So, if you are considering a switch in careers, this isn’t a bad line at all!