Simple but Effective

I like to keep life simple. No need for fancy stuff. No need for complicated things. That doesn’t mean I take shortcuts or over-simplify matters. One needs to strike a balance.

This philosophical attitude translates into how I manage life in general, and my hair specifically. Well, specifically for now.

You see, I am not the sort of person to fuss over my hair. Nor do I want to spend money at the hair dresser. I don’t dye my hair and my stylist has given up hope of ever convincing me to let her experiment!

This means that my hair is growing long and unattended. And has done so for almost a year. I just get the front trimmed. The rest, I manage by using curlers. Yes, you read correctly. In this day and age, I am one who uses curlers.

I wash my hair, put the curlers in and go to bed.

The next morning, I have a nice head of hair which usually looks a lot of money has been spent on it.

But looks can deceiving.

I just don’t like to fuss over my hair, nor do I want to spend ages trying to blow it dry.

Confession – with this style, I can get away with just running my fingers through my hair before I step out of the house and generally still look good. Not bad eh!

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