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Helpful on Rainy Days


Perhaps I am just being pampered. Especially when it rains. I loathe the palaver involved when I get home.

I drive up to the gate of the house. It’s pouring cats and dogs (it would be considered a storm in England, but here, it’s the norm!)

I have to dig for am umbrella in the car. Then, maneuvering it open, I struggle with lashing wetness and strong winds that render the brolly useless.

Striding to the gate as quickly as the puddles allow,I  fumble to open the latch of the gate and then push the heavy iron contraption open.

That part completed, I run back to the car, whip the door open and somehow close the umbrella, stick in somewhere in the car, slam the door shut, take a big breath and put the car in gear.

For these reasons above, I am so very thankful for this little contraption.

Behold, the motor for the electric gate. Finally fixed and my life is made a lot easier, especially on rainy days!