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Gasp! A friend went with her grandchild to a public swimming pool. There, whilst helping her grandchild change, she slipped. Of course, instead of dropping her precious bundle, she chose to cling tightly, which resulted in her having a nasty gash on her hand. Blood everywhere. It was a deep cut.

Initially the staff panicked. Then they pulled themselves together and got some basic first aid in, then took her to the hospital to get some stitches in. Of course, none of this would have happened if they had some moulded floor mats in place, as well as made sure that there were no sharp edges, especially areas where children play. They need to be more careful….

No, my friend did not sue.



Recently Hubby received an award. The BEST …….. !

This year being our third Arrow’s national exams year, Hubby and I have been working at supporting her much more. Spending quality time with her this year has been a priority more so than previous years. It helps that she is “alone” at home now, since the older ones are away.

Spending time with her meant quality mother-daughter times as well as father-daughter times. It has been good.

So good in fact, Hubby was “rewarded”. He received a little trophy for being the “Best Dad”! So touching! Indeed, Hubby is special, and I am so glad that Arrow #3 recognises that! I wonder how Arrow #3 learned where to get trophies and awards from? She’s a smart gal. Must have got the brains from her Dad! Yes, he’s special!

Making Herself at Home


We got some new shelves. The parts came in pieces which we put together. Hubby and I worked hard one evening and we are reasonably satisfied with our efforts. In some ways it brought back memories of our days in UK. Together with a friend, we had put together some nice L-shaped shelves as well as a lovely coffee table. We used cedar wood. Nice.

After we had done our bit, we started to clear and wash up.

When we finished and turned around, lo and behold, the shelf had already been occupied, but not with books!Classic Mittens, staking her place!