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This Land This People



I have never been one for traveling much before though Hubby and I used to hop in the little car whenever we could and drive around Britain by the backroads. We traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales like that. Had fun and adventure! Most of the time, we went visiting friends. Great excuse to travel!

Lately, though, my travels have been different. I fly! And sometimes without Hubby. That, initially, is a strange thing. It is also for seeing people, but also for work at times.

This photo is taken from my recent trip.

Rugged, vast, forest. Beautiful. This land is where lovely, peaceable and gentle people live. I went without family because this was a place I have often wanted to visit, especially after meeting some of these lovely folk. The short interactions I had with them endeared them to me. It was such a privilege to have some of them stay with me.

When I visited, the welcome was warm and I had a wonderful time there. I left with my arms overloaded with gifts from a giving people, and my heart overflowing with love reciprocated. I learned phrases of a new language, and was adopted into this community, with a new name.

I look forward to visiting again. This time, with my family.

Synchronise and Save


My heart nearly missed a beat the other day. And not because of some hunk catching my eye. (Too old for that now!)

Rather, it was when my laptop hung and I couldn’t get to my documents. Worse, it was showing a blue screen. I try not to load my machines too much, but I am a camera addict.

Hubby introduced me to the concept of storage in cyberspace. Normally, the fear would be this is where missing electronic documents go and never to be found nor be retrieved, causing much sorrow. Just the thought of all the blood, sweat and tears poured in – inconsolable! Hence this Dokmee document management software sounds like it;s something I should explore. Join me?



Went for dinner and in the midst of a spoonful heading to my mouth, I caught a whiff of it. The unmistakable smell of…. cigar smoke! The aroma is so very unique. Surprisingly for a non-smoker, I find this is one smoking habit which is pleasant for the bystander.

Having said that, there is much I don’t know about. For instance, the varieties. I never knew that there were so many varieties, such as the mild and black type!

Hubby was given a Cuban cigar on the occasion of the birth of his Boss’ first child. Being a non smoker as well he didn’t know what to do with it. So he left it lying on my office desk, (mine, because I suppose he knew I didn’t mind the smell) Alas, he didn’t know that it cost a fair bit and it was …. just left there…..



Our house Bethany. At least this is the view from the gate.

The entrance is to the left where we have a white main entrance door. White because we think it is cheerful. However despite it being a double door and therefore wide, I notice that people have a tendency of somehow scraping their shoes on the door and thereby leaving marks before they enter. We often ask them to take their shoes off (the Asian culture) inside the house (the non-Asian way) because of the neighbourhood four-legged canine who loves to hop over and take what is not his! Anyway, we have decided perhaps we need door kick plates to avoid the scuffs and stains.

All Terrain


A young couple, friend of ours, are trading in their Honda Saloon for a pick up truck, exchanging a comfortable city car for some wild off-road driving!

When I heard the news, I was reminded of my trip away. There, the roads have only just been covered. The patriarch decided that he could safely ride his motorbike and kick-started it easily. It’s a way of life for this remote place.

Others, however, would find this lifestyle a little harsh. BUT would still cope. Some have 4-wheel drive vehicles, or All-Terrain Vehicles.

Back to out friends. At the end of the day, it is their choice. Meanwhile perhaps we can introduce them some ATV Accessories to personalise it.

Tempted to Get One


As the end of the year looms, stress levels rise in the office. It is time to do asset checks and submit accounts and reports. Sometimes I just have to wonder why we put ourselves through such stresses as our accumulated “things” increase! My team get all sweaty and their foreheads develop extra furrows as they try to track down the respective items on their lists.

In times like these I am tempted to invest in a barcode scanner. It would certainly help to keep track of these physical assets’ whereabouts!



While clearing and tidying up recently, I found some old garments which were still good, but I would no longer wear. After all, I didn’t miss them in the first case! One, was a flash from the past – a garter! Now before you go “Ooooo” and give me those looks, let me explain that this was a gift from a friend trying to be cheeky. I never wore it. In fact, I am not sure it will send my Hubby’s heart fluttering at all!

Having said that, we have been attending a marriage enrichment course and have been to advised to indulge in occasional naughtiness with our partners. Makes me wonder if I should have been so quick to toss it out!

Some Sports….


Arrow #2 went to England recently. What a treat! There, he came across this sight which he snapped and shared on the internet. Can you spot the young man? Can you see what he’s doing?

He’s got a skateboard and is practising some moves.

This got my grey cells working and I was reminded of our trip to Korea a few years ago. There, they not only ski-ed, but they snowboarded. That looked intricately more difficult. What’s more, they love to show off! For the absolute know-nothing-about-skiing folk, such sights are like watching ballet on ice. We marvel at their control and finesse!

The only drawback we had was the equipment. We were all wrong footed and thumbs when we were handling the things. But the young ‘uns were so easy going with them. Take the snowboard rack for instance. We could only admire these young experts moving so freely and gracefully and then authoritatively parking the snowboards in place as if they were merely putting their shoes in…. which, I suppose, to them, is exactly what it felt like!

Floral Fragrance


Funeral services are often dreary sad affairs. But not the one I just came from. It could be described as a thanksgiving celebration. No, not because they don’t miss the deceased. Rather, it was because there is much to celebrate on his behalf. His was a life well lived. As a friend once put it, often we are wanting to stay on earth but willing to go. But as Christians, we should be wanting to go, but willing to stay.

For Christians, changing addresses like this is not a sorrowful despairing time. Rather, it is sadness full of hope.

Which is why when flowers were delivered, rather than the usual white and not so bright colours, it was a joy that the place was full of reds, oranges and yellows too. Special deliveries were made from all over. I am amazed at the distances. I didn’t know about Las Vegas flower delivery services before this. I do now, and I shall most certainly use them in future. The fragrance the flowers brought merely added to the sweet and lovely atmosphere. There were well over 50 displays. So very glad!

Special Renovations Needed


With all the traveling I have been doing of late, plus the extra work that I have been scrambling to finish, AND the year end steam rolling speedily, I think I must look pretty awful. Why do I say that? I have been given body butter. Not one tub. No, not even two tubs. I have been given three tubs – at around the same time!

Well, I for one, do not mind being given goodies such as these, hidden messages included! After all, they are free!

But apart from body butter, what I would really like is a goooood mud mask to go along with all those butter. My face needs a good clean and revive! I would say it needs a renovation!