A Special Welcome (Contd)

We had a guided tour in a longhouse. Amazing how so many families can come together. The community life there is so transparent and whole. You can’t hide a quarrel! The rooms are next to one another, the eating places are interconnected. When one gets married, extra rooms can be added.

The longhouse we visited had two long halls on either side, joined together in between with corridors and rooms. As we wandered up one side and crossed over to go back, we came across a visiting family.

They brought their own food and were preparing their lunch and probably dinner too. There was wild boar freshly caught roasting on the open fire. At another part of the fire, a kettle of water was being boiled. Ladies were preparing the vegetables, shyly avoiding eye contact.

Then the other man’s movements caught my eye. He was gutting and preparing a small python.

Did you know that if Adam and Eve were East Asians, we might not have had the Fall in the Garden of Eden?


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