I take a break from my travel journal to bring up something super nice! Well, I suppose the travel bit is super nice too. This is also nice!

Hubby just bought me some ‘antique’ pearl rings and necklaces.I use the word antique because they are old and belong to someone else before. The sentimentalist that I am, I love that idea!

The pieces remind us of our engagement rings and wedding bands. We got married when we were poor students and so our budget was very tight indeed. All we could afford was a diamond solitaire engagement ring and simple wedding bands which we got from a second hand section of the jewellery shop. This was in England, so second hand pieces are extra cheap. Of course the emotional value far surpassed any amount of money.

Next year we will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary. Hubby thinks we should have a look at triton wedding bands. I LIKE that idea!

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