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A Useful Accessory


One thing I missed during my trip away – Sunglasses. It would have been super good to have had some because whilst the weather was cool, it was also sunny.

I wouldn’t need something branded such asĀ Native sunglasses. Just something simple would have done.

I think the only negative from this trip is that I ended up having more crow lines. As it is, I have been frowning a lot of late (blame it on thinking!) After this trip however, even Hubby has been commenting on the extra lines!

Snacks During Trip


Back to my trip!

While we were away, we had lots to eat. The local people enjoyed feeding us! Somehow they would know when mealtimes are and people would come and bring extra food. Like this.

This was our first day lunch. There was special ginger, bamboo shoots, freshly caught and cooked deer, river fresh fish, and other such local delicacies. Not forgetting the special leave wrapped rice.

Then this was tea time…. Someone brought this along.

There were these extras which were brought in to supplement the feast already available.And this huge spread was just for another “tea time”!

It is a wonder that I didn’t gain any weight from this trip!