Hiking Climbing

Whilst away, we did a lot of walking. It’s not known as the Highlands without reason!

Of course, it wasn’t as bad as when Hubby and I climbed Mt Kinabalu. When Hubby and I went to try scale the highest mountain in our country, we needed help, which thankfully came in the form of some trekking poles. Subsequently, my hubby bought two for our walking exercise. Then we found another use for them – they help to keep dogs in the neighborhood at bay too! Dogs here aren’t like those in the west.

Recently cousins from the USA came and borrowed them when they tried to climb the same mountain. Yes indeed, these poles have been put to good use.

Alas, one of the poles didn’t fare too well after their use. Hence Hubby thinks that perhaps we should have a look at something new we have discovered – Leki Poles when we need replacements. They might last longer!

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