Dangerous Spending….

Going on a spending spree just will not do. All that musing about getting a new laptop can be infectious. I found myself window shopping at clothes! Window shopping in itself is all right. The danger was that I was doing it for hours – time I could ill afford! Not to mention had I purchased even half of what I tried on!

I can’t imagine how it must be for those who don’t just look but have to get. Right now, it looks like we are heading for a double dip recession. Most are hoping for the recession to have bottomed out and that the economy is on the rise again. But I have to say that the signs are not good. Judging by all appearances, we are heading for another bottom before relief will come for many who are currently in desperate financial situations.

Many caught in this spiral will be burdened with debts, often through usage of credit cards and loans. And yet they would go shopping for more. These need to seek good debt advice AND implement the advice before they sink even lower!

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