For Them

As I was saying in my earlier post, it is sooooo difficult to buy gifts for men! After stewing over the grandparents’ gifts and feeling a measure of success, I suddenly realise I am far from done. There are so many males in my family!

Men don’t appreciate fluffy toys and pretty things. They like the “big boys toys” stuff. Those who are rich have already got what they want. If you get them anything they would probably already own something similar that is branded and cost a whole lot more than your gift!  Such then is the dilemma for the giver is great to say the least. But then of course I am not talking about the men in my family Ahem! For a start, we are hardly in the “rich” category!

But it still doesn’t solve my problem!

Someone has suggested that Mens Gift Basket Ideas may be the place for unique gifts that might just be appreciated. Nothing to lose and a lot of happy males in the house to gain….!

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