Archive for October 22nd, 2011

Special Renovations Needed


With all the traveling I have been doing of late, plus the extra work that I have been scrambling to finish, AND the year end steam rolling speedily, I think I must look pretty awful. Why do I say that? I have been given body butter. Not one tub. No, not even two tubs. I have been given three tubs – at around the same time!

Well, I for one, do not mind being given goodies such as these, hidden messages included! After all, they are free!

But apart from body butter, what I would really like is a goooood mud mask to go along with all those butter. My face needs a good clean and revive! I would say it needs a renovation!

A Loss is a Gain


Someone dear has passed away.Or as someone else put it, “He has changed address”.

He has lived a full life indeed. His offspring are his joy and he has done well with them. He has been enjoying his grandchildren too. But his reach does not stop with his family alone. He has touched many lives by his manner, sharp insights and quick wit. I am one such beneficiary. Though the times with him were few, I have nonetheless treasured them.

Truly our loss is heaven’s gain.