Floral Fragrance

Funeral services are often dreary sad affairs. But not the one I just came from. It could be described as a thanksgiving celebration. No, not because they don’t miss the deceased. Rather, it was because there is much to celebrate on his behalf. His was a life well lived. As a friend once put it, often we are wanting to stay on earth but willing to go. But as Christians, we should be wanting to go, but willing to stay.

For Christians, changing addresses like this is not a sorrowful despairing time. Rather, it is sadness full of hope.

Which is why when flowers were delivered, rather than the usual white and not so bright colours, it was a joy that the place was full of reds, oranges and yellows too. Special deliveries were made from all over. I am amazed at the distances. I didn’t know about Las Vegas flower delivery services before this. I do now, and I shall most certainly use them in future. The fragrance the flowers brought merely added to the sweet and lovely atmosphere. There were well over 50 displays. So very glad!

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