Some Sports….

Arrow #2 went to England recently. What a treat! There, he came across this sight which he snapped and shared on the internet. Can you spot the young man? Can you see what he’s doing?

He’s got a skateboard and is practising some moves.

This got my grey cells working and I was reminded of our trip to Korea a few years ago. There, they not only ski-ed, but they snowboarded. That looked intricately more difficult. What’s more, they love to show off! For the absolute know-nothing-about-skiing folk, such sights are like watching ballet on ice. We marvel at their control and finesse!

The only drawback we had was the equipment. We were all wrong footed and thumbs when we were handling the things. But the young ‘uns were so easy going with them. Take the snowboard rack for instance. We could only admire these young experts moving so freely and gracefully and then authoritatively parking the snowboards in place as if they were merely putting their shoes in…. which, I suppose, to them, is exactly what it felt like!

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