This Land This People


I have never been one for traveling much before though Hubby and I used to hop in the little car whenever we could and drive around Britain by the backroads. We traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales like that. Had fun and adventure! Most of the time, we went visiting friends. Great excuse to travel!

Lately, though, my travels have been different. I fly! And sometimes without Hubby. That, initially, is a strange thing. It is also for seeing people, but also for work at times.

This photo is taken from my recent trip.

Rugged, vast, forest. Beautiful. This land is where lovely, peaceable and gentle people live. I went without family because this was a place I have often wanted to visit, especially after meeting some of these lovely folk. The short interactions I had with them endeared them to me. It was such a privilege to have some of them stay with me.

When I visited, the welcome was warm and I had a wonderful time there. I left with my arms overloaded with gifts from a giving people, and my heart overflowing with love reciprocated. I learned phrases of a new language, and was adopted into this community, with a new name.

I look forward to visiting again. This time, with my family.

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