Mixed Feelings

It’s November! We are approaching the time of year of mixed feelings.

Year ends means reviews, reports, meetings, and more meetings. Adjustments and planning and more changes. It means lots of activity to smooth transition, much effort to untangle knots, thinking ahead to avoid pitfalls.

Yet it also means celebration of the good, Christmas is coming, and lots of meeting up meal times with many people. It spells holidays and the young ones coming home for a break.

Well, most of the time they come back…. My two older Arrows won’t be back this year. That will be a strange feeling after so many years. My parents won’t be coming over this year either. We had such fun last year. Also, we have challenges to face about schooling.

But we will be taking time out to paint the gate outside, and Arrow #3’s bedroom! That will be good. Also going to make a trip to a lovely resort not too far away. (More on that later)

Mixed feelings indeed.

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