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Learning New Skills


I never knew I could do it. That is, until I watched someone and asked questions as she did it. She made it look so easy! And she did five at one go.

Asking a professional to do it would cost me a fair bit though. So when asked again to do one, I decided to have a go.

Not bad if I might say so myself! Of course, I could have done better. Perhaps with more practice.

I enjoy going to select the things I want, based on the budget I have. Sometimes I put in snacks and packet drinks too. Other times it’s mostly fruit and more fruit.

Then when I put the things in, I enjoy the challenge of arranging them in such a way that they are not only balanced in weight, but also in size and colour.

Here’s another one I did. I forgot to take a photo of one done in between these two.

Hmmmm I wonder if I could go into business doing this! Haha