Arrow #3 agreed with me when I said that her room needed a new coat of paint. A faded shade of purple, it was not very bright nor cheerful. So I proposed a project – we would paint the room together!

It brought back memories of when I used to paint our room as we grew up. There was another time we painted the gate and my little sister fell into the drain, but that’s another story!

Back to this one!

So Arrow #3 and I decided to go on this project together. Of course, being the “pro” that I was, I decided we didn’t need to measure the walls. Just go along and estimate the amount of paint needed.

I did so, and I was right. Except that it was only enough for one coat of paint. The underlying purple was still showing. So back we went to get more paint.

Then because she wanted stripes and Momma here didn’t want to get wallpaper for it, and of course it would be fun to teach her to use the spirit level, etc, we decided to paint the stripes on. Well, what we didn’t reckon on was that the masking tape wasn’t enough! So we needed MORE tape as well.

Having said that, mission accomplished after two days of work.

And Arrow #3 is more than satisfied.

As is Momma! (Aches and pains aside)

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