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I sew.

Just try to do the straight lines. Nothing fancy.

So my old sewing machine died. It wasn’t from overwork. Just old age.

Hubby bought me a new one. Maybe he had visions of me churning out curtains and cushion covers and drapes and shirts and pants and what nots…. saving him tons of money.

Alas for him, the new machine didn’t produce a new wife. I still sew. But only attempt to do the straight lines.

That is, until the needle broke. Rather suddenly. It gave me quite a shock. The sharp end flew at me. But thankfully, it was still attached to the string and that held it back. Otherwise I dread to think where the broken piece would have ended up. In my eye? That thought gives me the shudders!

As it was, shaken though I was, I continued and finishing sewing up the handle of the bag. Otherwise I might have lost my nerve!