Sukau Rainforest

The sunsets are spectacular. It is as if God was moving His paintbrush over the skies.

The long shadows are crisp and clear. The air is fresh and cool. I find myself snapping away and discovering a new scene and different play of light and colour with each frame.

My amateur camera, what I describe as a “point-and-shoot” is one recommended by a friend. I am so glad I listened to him and got it despite its price.

Look at this gem. This was shot from a boat, about 5 feet away. I am amazed at the clarity.

And I love the little birds. So many of them. There are kingfishers and swifts and swallows and egrets and eagles and hornbills… so many. Speaking of the hornbill, did you know they mate for life? Love it.

This is a couple. The tree was full of figs. They kept taking the figs and amazingly, they fed the figs to each other! Isn’t that such a loving gesture!  I love the hornbill!

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